Something happens to a beekeeper this time of year. We start to go crazy.

Keeping ahead of the bees suddenly becomes a challenge (and has been a challenge for the past month and a half!), especially with the non-winter we had. Many colonies are building up, some may have swarmed or are preparing to swarm. Grafting, splitting, feeding, adding supers, moving bees….maybe even behind in equipment even though you swore you’d be ahead this year.  Maybe even behind developing that new “tool” which would make your life oh so much easier.

So far this year I’ve lost my favorite hive tools multiple times only to find them in mysterious places. I still need to renew the title on my car and trailer. Recently I found the duct tape roll I just bought underneath a pot holder in the kitchen hours after I no longer needed it. Racing around, pulling my hair out, thanking God for the help I have, need to slow down and take a breath...spring has sprung!