Intermediate Beekeeping Courses are as follows:

Swarm Management - Sunday, May 6th 1-4PM Cost: $50

Swarming is a natural part of a bee
colonies life cycle, but it can be
disruptive (especially in urban
settings). This class will focus on the
biological and environmental factors
that can trigger swarm behavior in
order to explore and understand
practical methods to manage and
prevent swarming.


Finding the Queen - Sunday, May 20th 1 - 4PM Cost: $50

Finding the queen is a
fundamental skill in beekeeping.
This workshop is designed to
teach the skills, techniques, and
protocols needed to become fast
and efficient at finding the

Requeening - Sunday, June 10th 1 - 4PM Cost: $50

Whether replacing an old queen
or installing a queen into a new
split, re-queening is an essential
part of beekeeping. This
workshop combines the newest
science with years of experience
to provide practical methods for
effectively re-queening hives.


Preregistration has begun and spots are limited.  Please contact:

Laura Urban - 330-608-3778/