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Hive Rental - Bee PollinationIn modern agriculture 33% of the world’s food supply is dependent on bee pollination. With a visit from a honey bee, food producers can experience more yields per acre as well as better formed fruit. Without the honey bee many of the foods you eat would disappear from your table, or become incredibly expensive.

Urban gardens have become increasingly popular and it is these Urban Honey Bee wishes to service. Whether it’s a community garden, or a home in suburbia, Urban Honey Bee rents hives for pollination or simply general enjoyment.

Managing a honey bee hive successfully is not easy and requires a bit of knowledge and experience.

It can take 2 million flowers to make a pound of honey and beekeepers can sometimes compete with each other for forage (nectar and pollen from flowers – what bees eat).

In some cases the beekeeper may actually have to feed the bees! Therefore each location is subject to review of available forage as well as proximity to other registered beekeepers. Prices vary based on forage availability, length of time the bee hive will be at the location and the sites proximity to Urban Honey Bee.

Producing honey is agriculture and can therefore be unpredictable. There are many factors that determine the beekeepers success, such as forage availability and weather. However, if honey is produced during a hive rental scenario, Urban Honey Bee will share a percentage of the honey produced with the host site.

Bee Pollinztion - Hive Rental
We Provide All Necessary Beekeeping

Bee Pollinztion - Hive Rental Bee Pollinztion - Hive Rental Service Bee Pollinztion Service - Hive Rental Bee Pollinztion - Hive Rental - Ready For Winter
Additionally all honey produced at that site will be labeled with the host site’s name, say perhaps, “Honey by Joe and Sally Smith” or “Honey by insert your business name here”. The host site’s name will be the predominant display with a small brand for Urban Honey Bee. All honey will be extracted and bottled by Urban Honey Bee.

Give us a call, we would be happy to bee of assistance 330.608.3778

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